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BEYOND SEDUCTION: A Return To Biblical Christianity

By Dave Hunt (Author of The Seduction of Christianity)

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A Return To Biblical Christianity

282 Pages | Softbound
Publisher: Harvest House Pub, 1987
ISBN: 0-89081-558-5

A sudden and unexpected revolution has begun. Some have hailed this revolution as a much needed purification of the Church, while others say that it well lead to a major schism in Christianity. Since the release of the bestselling THE SEDUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY, Christians everywhere have come face-to-face with this undeniable truth: We must be certain that what we believe is firmly based upon the clear teaching of God's Word. The only real remedy for deception and apostasy is a return to a true biblical foundation for Christian living.

Now with a heart for God’s Word, Dave Hunt takes you BEYOND SEDUCTION, thoroughly exploring the biblical and historical view of Christian teachings within the Church.

- meditation - the proper view of self - faith - divine revelations - prayer - healing and psychological teachings -

This inspiring new book sounds the call for a return to the sacrificial life that Christ required and the abundant life He offers.

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UNSHACKLED: Breaking Away From Seductive Spirituality [Of] "As Above, so Below"

By Larry DeBruyn

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“William P. Young's, "The Shack," offered the falsity of leaven bread and a spiritual paradigm millions were deceived to embrace. Young drew heavily upon a Universalism entirely antithetical to biblical Christianity. In this book, author Larry DeBruyn uncovers a well-documented trail from the pagan origins of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes to show beyond question, the seductive nature of a false and dangerous mysticism masquerading as a "refreshed Christianity." DeBruyn offers a sound, biblical apologetic against the popular notion that one's "experiences" trump God's Word & rational Truth. Writes Dr. Martin Erdmann, "Spiritualization of science...has unquestionably...proposed change from a traditional value system based on analytical and rational thinking to a holistic view which imagines all aspects of intellectual pursuit to be in harmony." A mystical monism has led to the emergence of a global community with a heightened sense of cosmic spirituality believed to permeate all existence. DeBruyn shows that when the image of God revealed in the Bible is seductively changed into gods and goddesses, a poly-gendered polytheism results. Once entrenched, a "sacred-sexual" on Earth is believed to mirror the sacred-sexual in Heaven, birthing the Gnostic notion of "as above, so below." Paganism views sex as a sacrament linking the human and the divine; changing the dynamic of "relationship" with God. Sensuality controls spirituality and divine mystery is reduced to vulgar lust. DeBruyn exposes these links to Pagan, philosophical theology, removing the mask by pointing the reader back to Scripture to see the difference. Discover the keys of Eternal Truth that unlock the shackles of sensual mysticism capturing generations of believers unaware. Escape the lure of mystical energies masquerading as the spirit of revival in today's lackadaisical church. A must read for Pastors and all serious believers. Accessible. There is no other book as pointed an apologetic in print.” - Amazon Description

Book Details
116 pages | Softcover paperback
Publisher: Moeller Printing Company, Inc.; 1st Edition 2009 edition (2009)
ISBN-10: 1616235462
ISBN-13: 978-1616235468
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches

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