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BEYOND SEDUCTION: A Return To Biblical Christianity

By Dave Hunt (Author of The Seduction of Christianity)

NOTE: Used - Good Condition.

A Return To Biblical Christianity

282 Pages | Softbound
Publisher: Harvest House Pub, 1987
ISBN: 0-89081-558-5

A sudden and unexpected revolution has begun. Some have hailed this revolution as a much needed purification of the Church, while others say that it well lead to a major schism in Christianity. Since the release of the bestselling THE SEDUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY, Christians everywhere have come face-to-face with this undeniable truth: We must be certain that what we believe is firmly based upon the clear teaching of God's Word. The only real remedy for deception and apostasy is a return to a true biblical foundation for Christian living.

Now with a heart for God’s Word, Dave Hunt takes you BEYOND SEDUCTION, thoroughly exploring the biblical and historical view of Christian teachings within the Church.

- meditation - the proper view of self - faith - divine revelations - prayer - healing and psychological teachings -

This inspiring new book sounds the call for a return to the sacrificial life that Christ required and the abundant life He offers.

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UNSHACKLED: Breaking Away From Seductive Spirituality [Of] "As Above, so Below"

By Larry DeBruyn

NOTE: 50% off - Light wear on cover due to shipping.

“William P. Young's, "The Shack," offered the falsity of leaven bread and a spiritual paradigm millions were deceived to embrace. Young drew heavily upon a Universalism entirely antithetical to biblical Christianity. In this book, author Larry DeBruyn uncovers a well-documented trail from the pagan origins of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes to show beyond question, the seductive nature of a false and dangerous mysticism masquerading as a "refreshed Christianity." DeBruyn offers a sound, biblical apologetic against the popular notion that one's "experiences" trump God's Word & rational Truth. Writes Dr. Martin Erdmann, "Spiritualization of science...has unquestionably...proposed change from a traditional value system based on analytical and rational thinking to a holistic view which imagines all aspects of intellectual pursuit to be in harmony." A mystical monism has led to the emergence of a global community with a heightened sense of cosmic spirituality believed to permeate all existence. DeBruyn shows that when the image of God revealed in the Bible is seductively changed into gods and goddesses, a poly-gendered polytheism results. Once entrenched, a "sacred-sexual" on Earth is believed to mirror the sacred-sexual in Heaven, birthing the Gnostic notion of "as above, so below." Paganism views sex as a sacrament linking the human and the divine; changing the dynamic of "relationship" with God. Sensuality controls spirituality and divine mystery is reduced to vulgar lust. DeBruyn exposes these links to Pagan, philosophical theology, removing the mask by pointing the reader back to Scripture to see the difference. Discover the keys of Eternal Truth that unlock the shackles of sensual mysticism capturing generations of believers unaware. Escape the lure of mystical energies masquerading as the spirit of revival in today's lackadaisical church. A must read for Pastors and all serious believers. Accessible. There is no other book as pointed an apologetic in print.” - Amazon Description

Book Details
116 pages | Softcover paperback
Publisher: Moeller Printing Company, Inc.; 1st Edition 2009 edition (2009)
ISBN-10: 1616235462
ISBN-13: 978-1616235468
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches

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FAITH UNDONE: the emerging church ---a new reformation or an end-time deception

By Roger Oakland


264 pages | Softcover
1st edition (August 7, 2007)
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN-10: 0979131510
ISBN-13: 978-0979131516

Is the emerging church movement just another passing fad, a more contemporary approach to church, or a bunch of disillusioned young people looking for answers? In fact, it is actually much broader and is influencing Christianity to a significant degree. Grounded in a centuries-old mystical approach, this movement is powerful, yet highly deceptive, and it draws its energy from practices and experiences that are foreign to traditional evangelical Christianity. The path that the emerging church is taking is leading right into the arms of Roman Catholicism and ultimately to an interfaith perspective that has prophetically profound ramifications.

Some topics this book addresses:

  • Ancient rituals and practices brought back to life
  • The Eucharistic Evangelization
  • The emerging road to Rome
  • Contemplative spirituality and mysticism
  • The emerging church's view of Hell and the Atonement
  • How the emerging church considers biblical prophecy and the future of planet Earth
  • The key catalysts of the emergent church
  • Purpose Driven ecumenism: Part of the emerging church's new reformation
  • How emerging spirituality is altering missions and evangelism
  • Understanding the emerging church in light of Bible prophecy
Note from Author: In the not-too-distant future, most evangelical pastors will have to decide whether to support or reject the spirituality behind the emerging church. If this movement continues unfolding at the present pace, mainstream Christianity will be completely restructured, and the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ will be considered obsolete. If I believed for one minute that this movement was just another passing whim or the discontent rumblings that so often occur with young people as they search for answers to life, I would never have written this book.

But sad to say, the emerging church is far more than a fleeting fad and much more than the complaints of a group of young leaders. It is indeed a new way of being Christian and its objective is to usher in a new reformation throughout the world.

Those who refuse to embrace this direction will be considered spiritual oddballs that are hindering a unified one-world spirituality that is promoted as the answer for peace and that is prophesied about in the Bible. I know these sound like preposterous concerns. How could a movement that seems so unorganized and mismanaged do so much damage? The answer to that is the reason I wrote this book. For behind this new kind of worship, this new kind of church is a strategic apostasy and maneuver by the prince of this world, the enemy of our souls, to literally take apart the faith of millions—it will be nothing less than faith undone.

Author Bio: Roger Oakland is an author-lecturer and founder of Understand The Times International. His easy to understand teaching style communicates to people of all ages and backgrounds. Over the past twenty years he has lectured at numerous churches, conferences, universities and educational facilities in over 50 countries.Roger Oakland has authored and co-authored numerous books and produced audiotapes, videos and other publications that have been translated into several different languages worldwide.

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A Time of Departing: How Ancient Mystical Practices Are Uniting Christians with the World's Religions by Yungen, Ray (2006) Paperback

By Ray Yungen

248 pages | Softcover
2nd edition (April 5, 2006)
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN-10: 0972151273
ISBN-13: 978-0972151276

A revealing account of a New Age spirituality that has infiltrated much of the church today. Exposes the subtle strategies to compromise the gospel message with Eastern mystical practices cloaked under evangelical terminology and wrappings.

Topics include: Contemplative Prayer - Yoga - Labyrinths - Spiritual Directors - Reiki - Desert Fathers - Spiritual Formation - Spiritual Disciplines - Purpose Driven and the Emerging Church

Table of Contents:
The Invisible Denomination - The Yoga of the West - Proponents and Visionaries - Evangelical Hybrids - Discernment - Could This Really Be the End of the Age - Seducing Spirits - "America's Pastor" - The Christian of the Future?

Sample Chapter

Questions this book answers: Is Rick Warren's Purpose Driven paradigm promoting the contemplative prayer movement? - How and through whom is great delusion moving into the majority of churches today? - What is wrong with "Christian" yoga? - What is the emerging church really all about and why is it a dangerous spirituality? - Also find out about practices such as the labyrinth, Reiki, meditation, breath prayers, spiritual directors and much, much more.From the back cover:

Ray Yungen, author, speaker and research analyst has studied religious movements for the last twenty years. His love for Jesus Christ and for people and his exuberance for life are reflected in his writing. He is also author of For Many Shall Come In My Name.

"Is contemplative prayer really a vehicle to a closer walk with God? You may be very surprised who the prime pawns are in this spiritually dangerous deception." -Cecil Andrews, Take Heed Ministries, Northern Ireland

"Those involved in contemplative prayer have departed from the Biblical teaching on prayer and have incorporated Eastern religious elements that are directly in conflict with Scripture." -H. Wayne House, Distinguished Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Oregon Theological Seminary

"Goes to the heart of pagan spirituality and courageously asks how this false approach is deeply affecting the evangelical church ... I recommend this book without hesitation." -Peter Jones, Author of Pagans in the Pews

"A vital resource for understanding our times, for recognizing deception and for resisting today's most enticing distortions of truth. I recommend this book to all." -Berit Kjos, Kjos Ministries

"Provides a sobering overview of how far the Christian church has been influenced by the deception of the New Age movement." -Roger Oakland, Understand the Times

"I especially appreciate Yungen's warnings about the influence of mysticism on contemporary evangelical spirituality." -Dr. Donald S. Whitney, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"The reader will be warned of false teachers and of those within the evangelical camp who have been so influenced. I will have my students study this book. A fine addition to contemporary literature that challenges us today." -Robert W. Wright. Ph.D., Professor of World Religions and Cults, Western Baptist College

Author Bio:
Ray Yungen, author, speaker and research analyst has studied religious movements for the last twenty years. He is also the author of For Many Shall Come In My Name. He is available for radio and television interviews and for seminars, conferences and college assemblies. His exuberance for life and his love for Jesus Christ and for people are evident in his writing. Mr. Yungen resides in Salem, Oregon.

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"ANOTHER JESUS" CALLING: How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer

By Warren B. Smith



176 pages | Softbound
Contemplative Prayer | New Age
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9895093-3-6

Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling. Author Warren Smith carefully documents his concerns about her book, her "Jesus," and the New Age implications contained in many of Young's devotional messages. He also warns about the danger of contemplative prayer and in elevating spiritual experiences over the Word of God. "Another Jesus" Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.


Note to the Reader

1. Channeled Book From Jesus?
2. Permeated With New Age Terminology
3. God's Universal Spirit?
4. God "in" Everyone?
5. Name it & Claim it
6. Experience Replaces God's Word
7. Jesus Needs Us More Than We Need Him?
8. New Truth & New Revelation
9. The New Age & Psalm 46:10
10. New Age Christianity

1. Inspired by a Channeled New Age Book
2. Channeling Jesus?
3. Test the Spirits
4. Jesus Contradicts Himself?
5. Jesus Tells Us to Laugh at the Future?
6. The Flattery of Jesus?
7. Who Wants Us to Rest by the Wayside?
8. Visualizing Jesus?
9. The Dark Night of Jesus' Birth?
10. Abraham Guilty of "Idolatry" & "Son-Worship"?
11. Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, & Psalm 46:10
12. Practicing What Presence?
13. "Co-creating" with God
14. Quantum Leap, Quantum "Christ"
15. "Cocoon of Light"
16. The "Great Work" of "Divine Alchemy"
17. Jesus is Above All & "in" All?
18. Moving Toward a New Age/New Worldview
19. Would Jesus Magnify His Presence Above the
Word of God?
20. "Another Jesus" Calling

Appendix A - Ten Basic Warnings About Deception
Appendix B - The Gospel of the True Jesus Christ
Appendix C - Ten Ways to Be More Discerning
Note From the Publisher

AUTHOR BIO: Warren B. Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) is a former social worker who directed several homeless programs in Northern California and served as a hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. Because of his past involvement in the New Age movement, he has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception. He speaks often at conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

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DECEIVED ON PURPOSE: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

By Warren B. Smith


212 Pages | Softbound
Second Edition
Mountain Stream Press
ISBN 13: 978-0-9763492-0-4

Description: When former New Ager Warren Smith began reading Purpose-Driven Life, he was shocked to discover language, ideas, terms and philosophies that he learned as a New Ager. If you have ever wondered what really lies beneath the surface of the Purpose-Driven agenda, then Deceived on Purpose is a must-read. A stunning and thought-provoking testimonial.

The book answers the following questions, and much more—

  1. What is the connection between Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and what is the significance of this?
  2. What does “God’s Dream” mean?
  3. Are the details of biblical prophecy and Jesus’ return our business?
  4. Not according to Rick Warren, but what does Scripture say?
  5. What is Rick Warren’s “Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan” really all about?
From the authors website:

Christian author Warren Smith's book Deceived on Purpose warns about the serious New Age implications of Pastor Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life. Smith takes the reader into the inner workings of today's evangelical world as he explores the questionable interconnections of several of its top leaders. As Rick Warren goes worldwide with his purpose-driven Global Peace Plan, Smith presents an in-depth examination of this mega-church pastor s spiritual agenda. He explains how Rick Warren s Peace Plan could eventually merge with the New Age Peace Plan that is being similarly presented by key New Age leaders. Smith contends that Crystal Cathedral Pastor and New Age sympathizer Robert Schuller has had a great influence on Rick Warren s teachings and that Schuller's influence can be found throughout Rick Warren s book The Purpose-Driven Life. Smith writes, "The more I read Robert Schuller, the more I was shocked at how so many of Rick Warren s thoughts, ideas, references, words, terms, phrases, and quotes in The Purpose-Driven Life seemed to be inspired by Schuller's writings and teachings." Smith's distinctive background as a former New Age follower who has converted to biblical Christianity gives him a uniquely objective perspective as both an outsider and an insider. He draws deeply from his extensive knowledge of the New Age subculture that is now being subtly woven into the Christian church by Rick Warren and other Christian leaders. Smith believes that wittingly or unwittingly, Rick Warren is walking the church into a spiritual trap. This exceptional book is sure to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Anyone who desires to know how the evangelical and New Age plans are moving toward oneness will find this book to be especially insightful. Smith s easy-going style makes this a fast-paced read."

Author Bio: Warren Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) is a free lance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He has served as a program coordinator for people with special needs, directed several homeless programs, and has worked most recently as a Hospice social worker in California. He has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has been widely interviewed on radio and television. He has also written The Light That Was Dark and Reinventing Jesus Christ.

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LAUGHTER CALLS ME: A young woman's search for truth leads to a courageous battle to save her children

By Catherine Brown

A young woman's search for truth leads to a courageous battle to save her children.

160 pages | Softbound
Biography | Child Sexual Abuse
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9721512-6-9

The true story of a young woman who discovers her children have become victims of child pornography. A compelling and hard-to-put-down book that takes the reader through a twenty-year period in the author's life. From her hitchhiking days in the seventies to being abandoned with four small children to raise, the story then takes a dramatic twist as she discovers what could potentially destroy her family. This crisis forces the young mother to go into hiding with her children to protect them.

Author Bio:
Catherine Brown is the author's pen name.

Table of Contents and Chapter One

Chapter Two

Customer Reviews:

Impacting Lives By: Kim
I wish to express my thanks to the author and her children who have opened their lives up to us. I would love for them to know that their book is impacting. In small ways resembles parts of my life, only in the extent that each life's story is unique. I have taken so many nuggets from the book, applying to my life, my children's lives, and the lives of those I get to minister God's love to; finding info helpful to all these areas. I am so thankful for her book. I appreciate you sharing that with them. Thank you!!

An Important Battle and She Won! By: book worm
I read this book in two days; I was glued and addicted! Thanks and kudos to the author, not only for her well-written and moving story, but for battling so strongly against that generational sin. Who'd have thought that an aimless hippie in her early days, would prove to be such a stellar warrior! Praise be to God....

A true story By: K. Patterson
This was an important story. It was hard to read because of the horific nature of the abuse. I love to read testimonies about how the Lord changes peoples lives and how even if the circumstances of our lives seem unbearable, He never fails to holds us tight.

From fear to faith By: J. Lawson
Laughter Calls Me totally inspired me. Once I began the book I could not stop reading it. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. Catherine Brown's testimony of perseverance and endurance in a seemingly hopeless situation encouraged me greatly. There are so many things in this life to be afraid of, especially as a parent for your children. I was afraid of all the scary things that could happen to my kids, but after finishing Laughter Calls Me, I was encouraged to leave all my fears with the God who made us and loves us better than anyone.

Laughter Calls Me is a testimony of the faithfulness of a great and mighty God and His ability to deliver from the clutches of the sickest of sins. Our loving Father carried and guided Catherine through the darkest of darkness. This testimony is even more proof that there is nothing too hard for the Lord. God can reach into the sickest sin and bring beauty from it. As you finish this book you will come away fearing nothing but rather you will stand in awe of the One who is able to save us from all sin - our own and the sin of others.

Laughter Calls Me will change your perspective and it will fix your gaze on the glory of the Lord! Read this book and see what great things He has done. He longs to do great things in your life too!

Out of tragedies come blessings By: barbara wilhelm
The horrors of what Catherine went through would lead a reader to think that the impact of all this on the rest of her life would have surely been tragic. And except for the interventon of the Lord I am sure that would have been so. But intervene He did and it is so obvious that she have allowed the Lord to do a mighty work of healing in her life. Instead of bitterness flowing from this, there is love and a passion for the purity of truth. There is grace and mercy in what she does now. There is a Scripture in Psalms- Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. That is perfect healing. The Lord has healed her wounds and that is why there is now so much fruit in her life. Oil cannot be released from a jar unless the jar has been broken. Then the oil can flow and heal others. Catherine has told her story in all of its horrid details, sparing her reader nothing. She has been broken and she tells of it. But she has also been healed and that healing gives her readers hope and healing themselves.

From Hippie to Heroine By: Gloria H. Phillips
The author writes well and quickly pulls the reader into the story. And a remarkable story it is. She easily could have died of an overdose while living the free-wheeling hippie life. But due to God's hand on her, her life was spared even when she was pursued by evil. Few have walked where she has in saving her children from their pedophile, pornographic father. She became a responsible, loving mother, devoted Christian and found a good life after her long circuitous searching. Inspirational. Gives hope to any family who has a member they think is hopeless. This book is being studied by our daughter's church in Allentown. A magnificently inspiring testimony.

Public awareness and education (from back cover) By: Roger Young, Special Agent, FBI, Retired
Relying on her Christian faith as a support system, this story demonstrates Catherine's persistence and utilization of the greatest weapon against sexual exploitation of children - public awareness and education.

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La Fe Desechada: La Iglesia Emergente-- Una Nueva Reforma O Un Engano de Los Postreros Dias (Spanish Edition)

By Roger Oakland

una nueva Reforma o la iglesia emergente…un engaño de los postreros días

264 pages | Softbound
Spanish | Emerging Church
ISBN: 978-0-9791315-8-5
Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Es el movimiento de la iglesia emergente solamente otra moda pasajera, un enfoque contemporáneo de la iglesia, o una inconformidad de la gente joven buscando respuestas? En realidad, es algo mucho más extenso que todo esto, y está influyendo de manera significante en el Cristianismo actual. Basado sobre el misticismo antiguo de siglos pasados, este movimiento es poderoso pero altamente engañoso, tomando su empuje de prácticas y experiencias que son ajenas al Cristianismo bíblico. El camino de la iglesia emergente la lleva a abrazar una perspectiva de inter-espiritualidad que tiene un profundo significado profético. En realidad, es una nueva manera de ser Cristiano, y busca todas las formas posibles para introducir una nueva Reforma. Sin duda, impactará a todas las iglesias del mundo occidental y aún más allá de ellas. Detrás de esta nueva clase de iglesia hay una estrategia cuidadosamente diseñada por el príncipe de este mundo, el enemigo de nuestras almas, para verdaderamente deshacer y despedazar la fe de millones—y el resultado será nada menos que la fe desechada.

Algunos temas que La fe desechada enfoca:

° La espiritualidad contemplativa y el misticismo
° La nueva misiología: mantenga su propia religión, y sólo añada a ella Jesús
° La evangelización Eucarística
° La iglesia emergente: camino a Roma
° Una vista emergente del futuro del planeta tierra
° El ecumenismo con propósito: una parte de la nueva reforma de la iglesia emergente
° Las metas de la iglesia emergente y su perspectiva de los postreros días

Autor Bio: Roger Oakland es autor y conferencista; también fundador de Understand the Times International. Su estilo fácil de entender comunica a personas de todas las edades y trasfondos. Durante los últimos veinte años ha presentado seminarios en numerosas iglesias, universidades, e instituciones educacionales en más de 50 países.

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THE HARBINGER: Fact or Fiction?

By David James (Foreward by T.A. McMahon)

Does Isaiah 9:10 Really Contain An Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret To America's Future?


This exclusive new book from The Berean Call encourages—and enables—readers to separate fact from fiction!

In The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction? author David James exhaustively documents and responds to the serious flaws found throughout the New York Times best-seller from Charisma Media, The Harbinger. Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn believes he has discovered an "ancient mystery" in Isaiah:9:10 that "explains everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy.” As Cahn states at the beginning of his book “What you are about to read is presented in the form of a story, but what is contained within the story is real.” Many have accepted Cahn’s message as being genuinely from God. However, David James has clearly demonstrated that The Harbinger falls far short of meeting the biblical requirements for such a message from God, being based on the mishandling of Scripture, faulty theology, misleading statements, the selective use of historical facts, and unsupported speculation.

What others are saying about The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?:

  • "James has written this book not merely to expose error but to keep God’s people from being led astray. I believe he has accomplished these goals." — Gary E. Gilley, Senior Pastor, Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois
  • "This book gives the reader a detailed, point-by-point analysis challenging [ The Harbinger ]. James does this with clear bilical methodology while avoiding personal attacks." — Paul Barreca, Teaching Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Vineland, New Jersey
  • "David James has done an excellent job in this review of . . . The Harbinger , [taking] a crucial look at the biblical aspects." — Jimmy DeYoung, President and Founder, Prophecy Today
  • "David James has used true discernment, extensive research, and biblical hermeneutics to reveal the dangerous message of The Harbinger [and its] extra-biblical revelation." — Brannon Howse, President and Founder, Worldview Weekend
  • "Anyone interested in The Harbinger needs to note [its] numerous errors...as presented in James's excellent analysis." — Roy B. Zuck, Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • "Dave James provides a fair biblical analysis for anyone wanting scrutiny of The Harbinger. I commend James's book . . . for those seeking the truth rather than popularity." — Tommy Ice, Executive Director, Pre-Trib Research Center
From the Foreword:
Jesus characterized the days prior to His return by telling His disciples: “Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matthew:24:4), and followed that by warning that the deceptions of the last days would be so overwhelming that “if possible, they shall deceive the very elect” (Matthew:24:24). What is the antidote for believers? It’s quite simple. They must be disciplined in their reading and living out the instructions of God’s Word. They must have a love for the Truth. They must become like the Bereans of Acts:17:10-11, who were commended for searching the Scriptures daily as they evaluated the preaching and teaching of the Apostle Paul.

To that end, David James has written an excellent book that will encourage every believer who reads it to grow in discernment at a time when that is greatly lacking among those who profess to be biblical Christians. If anyone thinks this is simply a critique of a popular book that has reached the top of the New York Times best-seller list, he will miss the true value of what James has written. It’s a short but very full course on biblical discernment that is a lesson to all of us on how we should evaluate everything we read that claims to teach about the things of God. —T. A. McMahon

About the author — David James is co-founder and Executive Director of The Alliance for Biblical Integrity (ABI). Dave earned his undergraduate degree in engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and his masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He also holds a diploma in Biblical Studies from the Word of Life Bible Institute. Dave’s ministry with ABI includes an extensive international teaching and preaching schedule in Bible institutes, seminaries, and conferences, as well as research and writing on current theological issues. He served with Word of Life Fellowship for 21 years, with 16 of those years as the Founding Director of the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary. In addition to directing ABI, Dave also directs and teaches in the School of Prophets (a ministry of Prophecy Today and Louisiana Baptist University, directed by Jimmy DeYoung) which offers masters and doctoral degrees in advanced eschatological studies. He has also taught as an adjunct professor of Bible for Grace College in the Indiana state prison system. Dave is actively involved in their local church where he serves on the board and frequently teaches. He and Karen were married in 1980 and have two grown children, a daughter-in-law, and one granddaughter.

Title: The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?
ISBN: 978-1-928660-80-4
Size: 223 pp
Weight: 0.7
The Berean Call | Copyright: 2012

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A WONDERFUL DECEPTION: The Further New Age Implications of the Emerging Purpose Driven Movement

By Warren B. Smith

Purpose Driven | New Age Critique
(Will ship either, depending on stock)

244 pages | Softbound, Mountain Stream Press. ISBN: 978-0-9763492-3-5)
232 pages | Softbound, Lighthouse Trails Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-9824881-0-2)

See also, Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

"A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" Jeremiah 5:30-31

Five years after writing Deceived on Purpose: the New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church, former New Age follower Warren Smith continues to reveal how Christian leaders wittingly or unwittingly are leading the church into a spiritual trap. A "Wonderful" Deception examines church metaphors, concepts, and beliefs that are essentially the same as those being used in today's New Age teachings. And while biblical prophecy is being minimized and explained away, the "new science" is being used to prepare the world--and the church--to accept a New Spirituality and a false New Age Christ. This book explains how all the puzzle pieces are in place for the strong delusion described in 2 Thessalonians. A "Wonderful" Deception pierces right into the heart of this deception while preparing believers in Jesus Christ to effectively stand against it.

Click here to preview the Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction

Debut Article: Will the "New Science" Prove That God is "in" All Things?

Some key areas addressed in this book:

  • How a "broad way" Christianity is deceiving many in the church
  • How the "new science" will try to prove that God is "in" everything
  • How Rick Warren continues to align himself with New Age sympathizers
  • How attempts have been made to discredit critics of the Purpose Driven movement
  • How the best-selling novel, The Shack, fits into the "wonderful" deception
  • Ten scriptural reasons not to be connected with the Purpose Driven movement
Author Bio: Warren Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) A free lance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He has served as a program coordinator for people with special needs, directed several homeless programs, and has worked most recently as a Hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. He has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has been widely interviewed on radio and television. Click here for author's website.


This book is [Warren Smith's] magnum opus! A fantastic work ... [T]his volume is the most extensive critique of Purpose Driven teachings and emergent teaching that I have ever seen ... a wealth of information, lots of footnotes, lots of quotations ... showing where the apostasy is and how it has been so pervasive through the church today ... I am so moved by reading A "Wonderful" Deception. --Larry Spargimino, Southwest Radio Church Ministries

""The Further New Age Implications of the Emerging Purpose Driven Movement – A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? –Jeremiah 5:30-31

"In this excellently researched and put together book, Warren Smith systematically tears down the false arguments of the Purpose Driven apologists. Mr. Smith takes the mask off of the purpose driven movement and shows without question how they do not line up with scripture. I found the book very well put together, easy to understand and very defensible. This book should be read by every Pastor who is interested in defending their congregations from the Purpose Driven Heresy." --Pastor Randy Sortino, Central Bible Evangelical Free Church, Centralia, WA

Our Price: $10.00
YOGA and THE BODY OF CHRIST: What position should Christians hold?

By Dave Hunt

Every Christian should be informed of the true origins and effects of the practice of yoga and its ungodly roots in Kundalini energy which, literally defined, means an awakening of the "Serpent Power."

This book addresses the following:

  • What is it about Yoga?
  • Yoga for Christians?
  • The Aquarian Conspiracy
  • The Conquest of the West
  • Beware the “Science” of Yoga
  • Yoga’s Kundalini Serpent Power
  • Yoga, Reincarnation, and Truth

Title: Yoga and the Body of Christ
175 pages | Softbound
ISBN: 978-1-928660-48-4
Length: 7.12
Width: 5.00
Weight: 0.5
The Berean Call, Copyright: 2006

Our Price: $10.50
TEMPORAL DELUSION: Is the Church Destined to be Raptured - or to Reign Supreme?

By T.A. McMahon

Kingdom. Power. Glory. Dominion. Delusion?

157 pages | Softcover
Publisher: The Berean Call, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-928660712

AT THIS VERY MOMENT, millions of professing Christians are joining with millions of other “believers” to promote peace and reconciliation across the country and around the globe. These pragmatic, purpose-driven churches and organizations are uniting for the ecumenical “common good” to eliminate poverty, eradicate disease, and save the earth from political and environmental disaster—all in the name of advancing “God’s kingdom on earth.” But are all of these good works derived from a biblical blueprint for humanity? Or are these well-meaning workers building a house on foundations of sand?

Many of these faithful individuals and groups are laboring to “restore America” to a faith, freedom, and prosperity that they believe is biblical. Meanwhile, what the Bible says about the future of humanity—and the earth itself—is ignored in the name of “tolerance,” “love,” and non-judgmentalism. This raises a grave concern: Are any of these “kingdom-building” efforts bringing eternal life and salvation to the lost? Or are millions of professing Christians merely befriending the world in ways that create enmity with God? Furthermore, is the great commission of the church being compromised by ignoring the clear and unmistakable roadmap in Scripture concerning End Times events, including Christ’s “catching up” of the saints? Does it really matter what one believes about the Rapture in these increasingly perilous times?

If you seek to understand current church trends in the light of God’s revealed and perfect Word, you’ll find this easy-to-read volume both helpful and heart-pricking concerning the true state of the church today. In the process, you’ll discover that what you believe about “controversial” Last Days doctrines should indeed impact the direction and focus of our daily Christian walk—encouraging and equipping us to “redeem the time.”


1. Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word
2. Changing the Truth into a Lie
3. A Way Which Seemeth Right
4. Evangelical Mysticism?
5. Ancient-Future Heresies
6. The Shameful Social gospel
7. The "Jesus" The World Lives
8. Refashioning God
9. The Works-Salvation Delusion
10. What's Your "Affection Direction"?
11. Conformation or Transformation?
12. The Temporal Delusion
13. Apostasy and its Antidote
14. Ready for the Wedding?
15. Seduction: A Primer for Persecution?

Our Price: $10.50

By John Bunyan (Author of Pilgrim's Progress)

All Scriptures taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

334 Pages | Softbound
The Holy War (20pt Large Print Edition)
Whitaker House, 2001
ISBN: 0-88368-706-2

Once upon a time in the town of Mansoul, a fierce battle raged to take control away from the rightful Prince. Who will be the conquering Prince. Diabolus or Emmanuel? And what can the inhabitants do to resist the attacks of the evil one? Your soul is under attack from the forces of evil. Through this powerful allegory, you will learn how to:

Build up your defenses, flood your moat, and prepare for war! Bunyan will illuminate your understanding and show you:
  • When your will is in line with Christ, you can accomplish anything.
  • Spiritual attack is constant and can be deadly.
  • The enemy will stop at nothing to possess your soul.
  • Christ the conqueror is on your side, and with His help, you have nothing to fear!"
Amazon description: "John Bunyan could be said to have authored the most influential book in the English language (other than the King James Bible) – The Pilgrim’s Progress. But he has also written another dramatic allegorical novel – The Holy War. Bunyan’s plan for his readers was for them to experience the struggles of the city of Mansoul as a fierce battle rages to take control of it. However, alongside this knife-edge drama Bunyan wished his readers to understand how the struggles of their souls ran in parallel to the struggles of the wretched inhabitants of that place. The righteous and honourable ruler Shaddai and his son Immanuel rule Mansoul with justice and equity. But the ruler of darkness - Prince Diabolus - has other plans. With his evil captains and their battalions Diabolus plots the fall and destruction of the once happy city. The first to fall is Captain Resistance as Diabolus knows that there is only one route into the city and that it can only be breached through the permission of the people of Mansoul itself. With Captain Resistance gone the city is laid open to Diabolic lies and the next to fall is Lord Innocency and then the city is lost. So begins a story of treachery and deceit, foolishness and pride, forgiveness and final redemption. In fact this is, as Bunyan intended it, the story of a sinner saved by the grace of God."

Synopsis from Abebooks: "A fierce battle rages to take control away from the rightful Prince of Mansoul. Who will be the conquering prince? Diabolus or Emmanuel? And what can the inhabitants do to resist the attacks of the evil one? Your soul is under attack from the forces of evil. Through this powerful allegory, you will learn how to build up your defenses and prepare for war. Bunyan will illuminate your understanding and show you that, with Christ the Conqueror on your side, you have nothing to fear!"

Our Price: $12.00
ANOTHER JESUS: the eucharistic christ and the new evangelization

By Roger Oakland

Is the Jesus of the Bible the same as the Eucharist Jesus of Catholicism?
Or is this a different Jesus?

192 pages | Softbound
Roman Catholicism Critique
ISBN: 978-0-9791315-2-3
Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Table of Contents
Sample Chapter

Many Christians think that the Christian tradition of communion is the same as the Catholic tradition of the Eucharist. But this is not so. The Eucharist (i.e., Transubstantiation), is a Catholic term for communion when the bread and the wine actually become the very body and blood of Jesus Christ, thus when taken the partaker supposedly experiences the presence of God. These transformed elements are placed in what is called a monstrance and can then be worshipped as if worshipping God Himself. The implications are tied in with salvation.

With the Eucharist, salvation becomes sacramental (participation in a ritual) as opposed to justification by faith in Christ alone. While this mystical experience called the Eucharist cannot be upheld through Scripture, there appears to be an increase of interest by evangelical Christians towards this practice.

Author Bio: Roger Oakland is an author-lecturer and founder of Understand The Times International. His easy to understand teaching style communicates to people of all ages and backgrounds. Over the past twenty years he has lectured at numerous churches, conferences, universities and educational facilities in over 50 countries. Visit the author's website - Understand The Times International

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FOR MANY SHALL COME IN MY NAME: How the "Ancient Wisdom" Is Drawing Millions of People Into Mystical Experiences and Preparing the World for the End of the Age

By Ray Yungen

224 Pages | Softcover
Publication Date: 2007
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9721512-9-0

An Ancient Wisdom is drawing millions of people into mystical experiences and preparing the world for the end of the age ... find out how. Most people believe the New Age has been long gone from our society, and if practiced at all now it is only by unconventional fringe types. For Many Shall Come in My Name reveals this is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. The New Age movement (a term not normally used by its proponents) has permeated virtually all aspects of our society. This “Ancient Wisdom” spirituality can be quite readily encountered in the following fields: Business, Education, Health, Self- Help, Religion, and Arts & Entertainment. This book examines them all.

Discusses the following: The Age of Aquarius and its meaning in today's world - New Age practices like Reiki and yoga - Harry Potter and real witchcraft - The law of attraction and Oprah - Present day New Age prophets - Yoga in the public schools - Tantric sexuality and its spiritual risks - The Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) - Wicca and its growing appeal - The occultic explanation of the Holocaust - Interspirituality and the coming false Messiah - The New Age as a force in politics - New Age hostility toward the church - The New Age in light of biblical prophecy

Book review of For Many Shall Come in My Name by Pastor Gary Gilley (Southern View Chapel)

Yungen has done vast research into what is commonly called the New Age movement-"The age of Aquarius, supposedly the Golden Age, when man becomes aware of his power and divinity" (p. 108). The New Age movement, which came to the surface of our awareness in the 1970s, is a fusing of Eastern and Western thinking.

New Age thought teaches that everything that exists, seen or unseen, is made up of energy of tiny particles of vibrating energy, atoms, molecules, protons, etc. All is energy. That energy,they believe, is God, and therefore, all is God. They believe that since we are all part of this God-energy, then we, too, are God. God is not seen as a Being that dwells in heaven, but as the universe itself. According to one writer, "Simply put, God functions in you, through you, and as you" (p. 17)....

Yungen devotes individual chapters to documenting New Age thought in education, business, medicine, politics, the media, self-help/psychology, and religion. The last three chapters contrast New Age thought with Scripture, the last chapter presenting a clear gospel message.

Author Bio: Ray Yungen, author, speaker and research analyst has studied religious movements for the last twenty years. He is also the author of A Time of Departing. He is available for radio and television interviews and for seminars, conferences and college assemblies. His exuberance for life and his love for Jesus Christ and for people are evident in his writing. Mr. Yungen resides in Salem, Oregon.

Our Price: $12.95
OUT OF INDIA: A True Story about the New Age Movement

By Caryl Matrisciana

248 pages | Softbound | Illustrated
Biography | New Age | Hinduism
1st Edition (2008)
ISBN: 978-0-9791315-3-0
Revised and expanded from the best-selling book, Gods of the New Age (Harvest House 1985)

Description: Out of India is the biography of Caryl Matrisciana. Born and raised in India, Caryl saw firsthand the effects that Hinduism had on the people of that nation. After leaving India as a young adult, she became involved in the counter-culture New Age movement, only to find that the elements of Hinduism and the New Age were very much the same. Later as a Christian, Caryl discovered that this same spirituality had entered the Christian church through various avenues.

"When I was twenty years old, my family returned from India, where I was born and lived for most of my life, to England, our homeland. It was during the turbulent sixties, and I was about to be introduced to a movement that didn’t even have a name yet. How could I have possibly known then that the strange and mystical religion I had been surrounded by in India would someday be at the heart of a spirituality that would influence millions around the world?"

Topics covered in this book include:

  • *Hinduism
  • *Yoga
  • *"Christian Yoga"
  • *The hippie generation and the Beatles
  • *the New Age
  • *Chakras
  • *Reiki
  • *Hypnotism
  • *Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • *Centering Prayer and mantra meditation
  • *Ashrams
  • *Divination
  • *The Emerging Church
  • *Purpose Driven
  • *Gandhi
  • *Global Peace Plans
  • *The Secret and The Moses Code
  • *The Great Tribulation
  • *New Age music
  • *Interreligious dialogue
  • *Breath Prayers
  • *Horoscopes and Astrology
  • *Interspirituality
  • *Tantric Sex
  • *The "New Reformation"
  • *Nazism
  • *Relaxation Techniques
  • *Salvation
  • *Spiritual Formation
  • *Current emphasis on "Leadership"
  • *Suffering
  • and much more....
Author Bio: As co-producer of Jeremiah Films for 23 years, Caryl contributed research and expertise to more than 55 documentaries and also served as the Creative and Marketing Director. In 2002, she founded Caryl Productions, (visit www.caryl.tv) which produces cutting edge video journalism and information to help discern the times in which we live. (Author's website)

Our Price: $13.95
HARD TIMES: How To Prepare For Hard Times and Persecution

By Maria Kneas

232 pages | Softbound | Illustrated
Persecution | Evangelical Church | America
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-942423-02-7

Eureka, MT – JUNE 4, 2015
Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of our latest book, How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution by Maria Kneas.

Official government documents say that evangelical Christians are potential terrorists, and some Christian groups are even called hate groups. Christian doctors and nurses are being forced to perform abortions, and a Christian baker has been threatened with prison for not baking a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Christians in Colorado, New York, and Kentucky are being forced to go through “sensitivity training” in order to “rehabilitate” from their religious beliefs and resulting moral convictions. When Communists did such things to American soldiers, we called it brainwashing.

American Christians are in the early stages of persecution, and it is increasing. Unfortunately, many will be blindsided by it because few pastors and church leaders are warning about it or preparing believers for it.

The first part of How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution
is based on years of research into current events looked at from a biblical perspective. It discloses what is happening, how we got there, and where we are heading. The second part gives encouragement from Scripture and biblical principles for dealing with the challenges of the perilous times in which we live.

As Christians, we cannot afford to compromise our faith. We need to believe and obey the inspired Word of God. We need to be prepared to respond to persecution biblically instead of reacting to it carnally.

Table of Contents
: Preface - Understanding the Times - Brainwashing Christians? - Thought Police in Colleges - Teaching Kids to be Sociopaths - A Biblical Warning for America - Heading Toward Dictatorship - Mainstreaming Occultism - Dealing with Shock - Fighting Fear - The Bottom Line - Building Faith - Learning to Trust God More - Don’t Give the Devil a Beachhead - Giving Thanks to God - Jesus Told Us to Forgive - The Importance of Integrity - Loving Difficult People - Overcoming Humanist Brainwashing - The Big Picture—Eternity! - Appendix A—Goddess Worship in America; Appendix B—Creation Versus Evolution; Appendix C—Creation in Scripture; Endnotes; Photo Credits; Index

Our Price: $13.95
MUDDY WATERS: An Insider's View of North American Native Spirituality

By Nanci Des Gerlaise

A warning to Native and Non-Native Christian believers alike . . .
and a call to those Involved in Native Spirituality, the New Age, or occultism

Is the "Great Spirit" the same as the Holy Spirit of the Bible? * * What are Native Spirituality practices such as, vision quests, shamanism, sweat lodge ceremonies, dream catchers * * What is the Native "Renewal"? * * Can cultures be redeemed? * * How Native Spirituality & the Emerging Church Are on the Same Path

232 pages | Softbound | Photos
Biography | Native Spirituality
Lighthouse Trails
ISBN: 9780984636648

Table of Contents and Preface

Click here for Chapter by Chapter Synopsis
Two Sources of Power But Only One Source of Truth

Description: Many Christians see no problem combining the beliefs and practices of Native American Spirituality with their view of Christianity. But Nanci Des Gerlaise knows differently. Raised on a Metis settlement with fifteen brothers and sisters, Nanci's childhood and young adult life was riddled with terrors that come with being the daughter and granddaughter of medicine men. Muddy Waters tells the story of this Cree Native American woman, who after years of struggle, oppression, and spiritual darkness found light and truth in the One who offered her freedom.

But Muddy Waters is not just a biography. It delves deeply into the framework of Native Spirituality. While Native American Christians are looking for a great spiritual awakening within the First Nations/Native American groups--by incorporating Native Spirituality practices into their Christianity--right under their noses, a massive worldwide deception is swiftly surging forward. Partly in overcompensation for very real injustices committed against Native Americans, Native Spirituality has become politically correct inasmuch as traditional biblical Christianity is on a fast track to becoming politically incorrect. Sadly, in the process, the Gospel, which is "the power of God unto salvation" (Romans 1:16) is being pushed aside, as if it were to blame--leaving countless numbers of people--both Native American and non-Native--without the sure hope that only comes through knowing Jesus Christ.

Our Price: $13.95
THE LIGHT THAT WAS DARK: From the New Age to Amazing Grace

By Warren B. Smith

168 pages, 2nd edition
Biography/New Age
Mountain Stream Press
ISBN: 978-0-9763492-1-1

Description: Warren Smith was a spiritual seeker. That journey led him down a yellow-brick road of pied-piper spirits, landing him in a metaphysical New Age where the Christ proclaimed wasn’t the real Christ at all. Following signs and wonders, he jumped through spiritual hoops with almost flawless precision, until one day he realized that the light he was following was not light at all but rather darkness. Concerned that today’s church is being seduced by the same false teachings and the same false Christ that drew him into the New Age, Smith shares his story in a most compelling way.

Author Bio: Warren Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) A free lance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He has served as a program coordinator for people with special needs, directed several homeless programs, and has worked most recently as a Hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. He has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has been widely interviewed on radio and television.

Our Price: $14.95
WATERING THE GREYHOUND GARDEN: Stories from the Streets of San Francisco

By Warren B. Smith

181 Pages | Softbound | Photos
Mountain Stream Press; First Edition edition (January 10, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0984646124
ISBN-13: 978-0984646128

In Watering the Greyhound Garden, Warren B. Smith recounts his job as a Travelers Aid social
worker at the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal. In fifty-one heartfelt stories, Smith
describes some of the many people he encountered at the depot and on the streets of San
Francisco. Meet Banjo Bobby Brown, Waldo Weinstein, the Pacific Heights Teenager, the
"Drunken" policeman, the Strong Man, the Minnesota Gambler, the Oklahoma Kid, the
Tennessee Thompsons, and many more.

The Greyhound Bus Terminal was like a modern-day Jericho Road, where broken-down travelers
were in urgent need of help. From California dreamers and state hospital runaways to an abused
housewife, a stranded grandmother, a suicidal transvestite, and a seventy-three-year-old man still
riding the rails—the author met them all when they needed help from Travelers Aid. With
compassion and careful attention to detail, the author describes the challenges and joys of
working for Travelers Aid and in "watering" what he calls "the Greyhound garden."

Watering the Greyhound Garden is a great gift and may even inspire you to reach out to your
fellow man in need! One thing is for sure - you wont want the uplifting book to end.

Excerpt from Sarah Leslie’s review of Watering The Greyhound Garden:

This autobiographical book is filled with short vignettes that capture a historical moment in time. It accurately depicts the pivotal period when the Haight-Ashbury hippie movement was fading, the homeless were rising, and the Gay movement was coming out of the closet. The economy was in crisis and unemployment was high. Deinstitutionalization had left many troubled people on the streets with no assistance. Counselors and social workers were encountering unprecedented issues. These stories will be evocative for those who lived through those restless, amoral and turbulent times.[3]

Interesting photos of San Francisco during this era accompany the vivid imagery of the text. This draws the reader into experiencing the street scene of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Walking along the streets with Smith is a sensate experience, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching that time period’s environment and its people.

The original manuscript, written shortly after Smith’s experiences, was shelved for several decades. Much has changed in Smith’s life since then! As he explains in his preface, “Note to the Reader,” “Prior to my deep involvement in the New Age/New Spirituality and my later conversion to the Christian faith, I was paid to be a ‘Good Samaritan’ at the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal.” This is the story of the earlier part of Smith’s life, before he went on a spiritual journey. Many of Warren Smith’s fans do not know that he was a community social worker for many years, that he directed several homeless programs, and worked as a hospice social worker.

Our Price: $14.95
NEW WINE AND THE BABYLONIAN VINE: Last Days Delusion In The Name of Christ

By Roger Oakland

Last Days Delusion In The Name of Christ!!!

335 pages | Softbound
Understand the Times (June 2002)
ISBN-10: 0970069049
ISBN-13: 978-0970069047

Jesus warned global deception would be a sign of His soon return - a counterfeit bride masquerading in the name of Christ, would become the religion of the Antichrist. This book examines the current global ecumenical movement in light of Bible prophecy and endeavors to answer the following questions:

  • Will signs and wonders validate the counterfeit church?
  • What is the New Wine Movement and is it really new?
  • Who will lead the ecumenical movement?
  • Who is the Queen of Heaven and what role will she play?
  • Are we approaching a Second Pentecost or the final delusion?
  • How could the religions of the world unite in the name of Christ?
  • What role will the apparition of Mary play?
  • How can we escape the coming deception?
Roger Oakland surveys numerous current spiritual trends and explains how they can be understood in light of the Bible. From signs and wonders to the serpent power, from apparitions of "Mary" to a Second Pentecost, from Islam to Rome, New Wine and the Babylonian Vine points us back to the Word of God as the only foundation for truth and the key to helping us understand our times.

Our Price: $15.00
IN DEFENSE OF THE FAITH: Biblical Answers to Challenging Questions (Book & Audio/MP3)

By Dave Hunt

373 pages | Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-928660-66-8
Copyright: 2009

When confronted with uncomfortable questions
from atheists and agnostics, cultists and pagans, or skeptics and mystics, do your once-firm convictions begin to crumble and compromise? Do you tend to take flight—or instead, are you able to stand firm and “earnestly contend for the faith”? (Jude 3)

With the keen eye of an experienced treasure hunter, the author helps readers probe and unearth the incredible wealth of guidance found in God’s Word. The resulting adventure will not only strengthen the faith of believers but equip them to live daily according to His revealed truth in an increasingly hostile world. “God says it and I believe it.” Issue settled, right? Or wrong? This common response may satisfy the faith of some who struggle with answering difficult questions—but such a reply does little to ward off assaults from skeptics, let alone “convince the gainsayers” by intelligently “giving a reason of the hope that is within you” (1 Peter:3:15). Sadly, most critics who wield tough questions with sarcasm do not expect an intelligent response; and tragically, many dismiss the truth when they do get one. However, what about those who legitimately question the Christian faith—including weak or battle-weary believers whose spiritual convictions may be hanging by a thread? This fascinating book can be a great help by itself, or used in conjunction with the audio series to assist listeners—sincere skeptics and believers alike—with more than 40 years’ experience in seeking (and finding) biblical answers to life’s most challenging questions:

Why does God allow suffering and evil in the world?
What about all the “contradictions” in the Bible?
Are some people predestined by God to go to hell?
Why would a merciful God punish people who have never heard of Christ?
How can one tell the difference between God’s true light and Satan’s seductive counterfeits?


Is There a Difference Between Faith and Belief? • Is It Wrong to Want Evidence of God? • How Do We Deal with Doubts? • If We Can Prove God Exists, Why Faith? • Why Do Christians Accept Only One God? • Who Is the True God? • Can We Know God? • Are God and Nature the Same? • Is It Wrong to Ask God to Reveal Himself? • Is Jesus Half-God & Half-Man? • Is the Bible Reliable? • Is the Bible the Only Book of God? • Were Biblical Prophecies Written After the Events? • Shouldn’t We Examine All Religions? • Can the Bible Be Verified? • How Do We Know Our Copies of the Bible Are Accurate? • Can You Make the Bible Say Anything You Want? • Is the Bible Infallible? • When Was Jesus Born? • Do the Gospels Disagree?

BONUS MP3: Included in the book is a one-disc MP3 radio discussion of In Defense of the Faith from Search the Scriptures Daily . Recorded for radio broadcast, this archival series spans nearly 100 segments (about 23 minutes each) that comprise nearly 37 hours of fascinating discussion.

Our Price: $20.75